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W&WW Technologies is a leading Solution provider for Water and Wastewater Treatment for Domestic and Industrial areas. We provide innovative products and process lines for the water and wastewater treatment. The foundation of our business is our dedication and commitment to our customer service, with expert professionals guiding our clients through the entire lifecycle of a project – from design and engineering, to technology selection, installation, start-up, maintenance, operations, and on-going field service support long after the initial sale.

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w&ww Industrial Reverse Osmosis (Ro) Plants are and advanced water purification technology; it uses a special, semi-permeable membrane which removes impurities as small as 0.001 micron, Depend upon usage it makes water to be used for any special process or for drinking applications. it has been used in areas like Healthcare and scientific research where purity is not just important but critical.
Now a days the sewage treatment plant (STP) became statutory requirement of all the state pollution control Boards, everybody, whether Hotelier or industrialist were looking for economical, easy to install and operate compact type Sewage Treatment plant. Since the land is extremely expensive, very few industries could afford the large treatment units as recommended by most of the consultants.....
W&WW WTP can be used for water contains a lot of impurities. Rainwater is naturally soft - it does not contain any minerals, but as it seeps through the ground it can pick up a lot of suspended solids, colour, organic matter, minerals and bacterial contamination, such as calcium and magnesium compounds, so as remove these physical, chemical and bacteriological impurities one should have water treatment (softening) plant as described below. ....
Our methodology – We analyze the effluent samples for different effluent parameters as per nature and compositions, carry out the treatability studies by using different methods checking techno-commercial Feasibility and then designed treatment schemes, processes accordingly to suit the purpose and need.....

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